About Us

Trip Hazard was born from a family of 3rd generation concrete professionals combined with over 10 years of arborist experience. From those two perspectives, we deliver innovative solutions to an old industry that has been doing things the same way for decades.

Trip Hazard was founded in 2018 by an arborist named Phil Rogacki. While working in the tree industry Phil continually ran into a problem that had no solution. The trees were damaging the sidewalks and making it unsafe for the public to walk on. He immediately searched for a company who could handle this issue and was unable to find one. So in true entrepreneurial spirit – he decided to create one!

In little over a year, Trip Hazard has opened 5 new territories in California and have plans for ten more in 2020. We have plans to expand to Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Texas! With a fast growing company like ours, we are looking for trained/skilled professionals who are ready to be a part of building America’s best concrete company.

The Trip Hazard Family

Eric Kidd


Carlo Maravilla

Regional Manager

Regina Weinstein

Regional Manager

Adrianne Bauer

Regional Manager

Phil Rogacki

CEO / Founder

Mission Statement

Trip Hazard provides the solution to the problems you never knew you had. We are innovative, kick-ass industry experts fueled by pride and integrity. No BULLSHIT. Period.

Core Values


Promises made, promises kept. Period.


Solution to the problems you never knew you had.


Family culture…We’re a little crazy.


Kick ass experts like Chuck Norris!


Safety, it’s our jam. Don’t trip.


Pride, because we are awesome.


Innovation, we are pretty smart.


Integrity, yep we got that!


Is 8 Core Values not enough for you?