Repair and Replace Concrete Walkways

Repair and Replace Concrete Walkways

Concrete is durable, but it can still be damaged. If you have cracked and ugly concrete on your property, Trip Hazard can repair or replace it for you with state-of-the-art equipment. Learn more about our concrete leveling and repair services or find out more about our team of concrete experts is so excited to work with our awesome gear.

Fixing Broken and Ugly Concrete the Right Way

Old or improperly poured concrete sidewalks and surfaces are more than just ugly. Cracks and unlevel slabs can actually be dangerous, posing serious trip hazards to you and the public. At Trip Hazard, we got our start when our founder combined his ten years as an arborist with three generations of concrete expertise to create a company dedicated to fixing trip hazards and repairing concrete the right way.

What is the right way? It’s the scientific way. That’s why we use high-quality equipment to handle the heavy lifting. This lets us provide our customers with better results, faster. It doesn’t hurt that it’s better for our team, too!

Expert Concrete Repair and Replacement Services

You don’t have to live with cracked and dangerous concrete surfaces. Our expert team offers services including:

  • Concrete leveling: We investigate why your concrete slabs are no longer level and solve the problem before grinding or raising them to be safe and even.
  • Sidewalk repair: We perform sidewalk repair to remove trip hazards and prevent them from returning, including tree root pruning with our expert arborists.
  • Concrete stair replacement: If you have concrete stairs that are starting to struggle, we’re able to clean them and patch them so they’re safe to use.
  • Concrete resurfacing: If your concrete needs to be touched up, we are the best concrete resurfacer in the Bay Area.
  • Crack sealing: We efficiently fill cracks to ensure they don’t get worse and to even out the surface.
  • Curb repair and replacement: If your curbs are starting to crumble, we can repair or replace them as good as new.

Get In Touch

You can learn more about the services we offer or get a quote by getting in touch today. If you’re a concrete expert, you can learn about what makes our team special by reaching out on our Careers page or check our available positions.


Trip Hazard is the best, I have worked with them on many different projects for my job. They think 10 steps ahead and are willing to work with you on specific needs and also give you an Outlook for the years to come. I call them the Swiss army knife company because they do so much..."

Kyle M