Trip Hazard Removal

Trip Hazard Removal

Where we got our start! Trip Hazard was founded to help home and business owners remove trip hazards on their property for good. We offer comprehensive trip hazard removal services, from leveling concrete slabs to safely pruning tree roots causing damage.

The Risks of Trip Hazards

Anyone can fall victim to a trip hazard. Uneven sidewalks, crumbling stairs, and cracked parking lots or ramps can cause severe accidents and injuries. Even beyond these accidents, trip hazards make your property significantly less accessible to anyone who relies on wheels to get around, from wheelchair users to parents pushing strollers.

That’s why it’s so important to address trip hazards. Removing uneven or failing concrete structures makes your property safer and more accessible, whether you’re worried about lawsuits from your customers or want to protect your friends and family from accidents. That’s where Trip Hazard can help.

An Arborist’s Approach to Trip Hazard Removal

Trip Hazard takes a unique approach to fixing one of the most common risks: tree roots. Trees cause significant damage to concrete when roots push up slabs or crack them entirely. Many concrete companies focus on grinding down uneven slabs but fail to address the root of the problem. (Pun intended!)

Our founder has ten years of experience as a licensed arborist, and many of our team members have similar backgrounds. As a result, we know how to safely prune tree roots that are causing damage without killing a tree that may have been on your property for decades. Once the root is properly pruned, we can fix the trip hazard for good without the risk of it coming back in a year.

In addition, we offer other concrete services to fix tripping risks, including:

  • Repairing concrete steps
  • Patching cracks and crumbling curbs
  • Replacing damaged concrete surfaces
  • Leveling concrete slabs

Get In Touch

If you need help fixing trip hazards the right way, you can get a quote on concrete repair, root-pruning, and hazard removal services by getting in touch today. If you’re a concrete expert or trained arborist, you can learn about what makes our team unique by reaching out on our Careers page or checking our available positions.


Trip Hazard is the best, I have worked with them on many different projects for my job. They think 10 steps ahead and are willing to work with you on specific needs and also give you an Outlook for the years to come. I call them the Swiss army knife company because they do so much..."

Kyle M