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Curbs get the most abuse of any concrete surface, which means they’re particularly prone to damage. Trip Hazard can repair your curbs or cut them for a new driveway or crosswalk with our experienced team of concrete experts and scientific approach to our work.

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Repair and Replace Concrete Walkways

Concrete is durable, but it can still be damaged. If you have cracked and ugly concrete on your property, Trip Hazard can repair or replace it for you with state-of-the-art equipment. Learn more about our concrete leveling and repair services and root pruning to keep damage from happening in the future.

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Trip Hazard Removal

Where we got our start! Trip Hazard was founded to help home and business owners remove trip hazards on their property for good. We offer comprehensive trip hazard removal services, from leveling concrete slabs to safely pruning tree roots that are causing damage.

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Wheelchair/ADA ramps

Wheelchair accessibility is more than just an afterthought. If you own a public space, it’s the law. Trip Hazard builds wheelchair ramps and provides other ADA accessibility services to San Francisco and the surrounding areas.

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