Curbs get the most abuse of any concrete surface, which means they’re particularly prone to damage. Trip Hazard can repair your curbs or cut them for a new driveway or crosswalk with our experienced team of concrete experts and scientific approach to our work.

Why Do Curbs Matter?

You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your curbs, but they do a lot for you every day. Road curbs help with important tasks like:

  • Guiding rainwater away from properties and into the storm drains
  • Clearly defining where the road ends and where a pedestrian-only space begins
  • Protecting pedestrians by adding a barrier that can stop rolling cars

A properly cut curb will keep traffic on the road while still allowing wheelchair users, parents with trollers, cyclists, and other pedestrians onto the safe sidewalk.

However, all of these jobs make curbs particularly prone to damage. Curbs are more likely to get damaged by cars, tree roots, and other threats than most other concrete surfaces. Their complex shape and narrow size means they’re more likely to crack and crumble than sidewalk slabs and other surfaces safely settled in the ground.

Fixing Curbs for Good

If you have crumbling curbs, the concrete experts at Trip Hazard can repair or replace them for you to get them back in shape. We will patch cracks or remove damaged portions and replace them with fresh, sturdy concrete so your curbs keep doing their job.

Trip Hazard also offers expert curb-cutting services if you want to add a new driveway or sidewalk to your property. We will work closely with you to understand exactly what you want, plan out your new concrete feature, then cut your curb and pour the new replacement to your exact specifications.

Get In Touch

If you need help getting your curbs under control, you can get a quote on concrete repair and curb-cutting services by getting in touch today. If you’re a concrete expert, you can learn about what makes our team special by reaching out on our Careers page or check our available positions.


Trip Hazard is the best, I have worked with them on many different projects for my job. They think 10 steps ahead and are willing to work with you on specific needs and also give you an Outlook for the years to come. I call them the Swiss army knife company because they do so much..."

Kyle M